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Hot Topics
Is your API set up for success?
I once worked on an analysis project of 30 different APIs. In that journey, I developed a theory of what it takes to create a great API program. The best APIs in that analysis had a few big things in common: they tweeted a lot, had their team pictures on their website, had beautiful and functional documentation, clear error messages, change logs or release notes and a responsive support team. by Kristen Womack []

How to Use Webhooks to Recover Customers
As noted in a previous blog post , there are different ways to get information out of Recurly, and each option has different pros and cons depending on the specific objective. Using the right tool for the task at hand ensures an efficient use of resources and an improved experience for both you and your customers. []

APIs are not Web Pages
Even though web pages might be built from APIs, they are not the same. There’s a tendency, particularly for networkers, to classify applications by the protocols they use. If it uses HTTP, it must be a web app. The thing is that HTTP has become… []

API Design Is Not Requirement For All Devs But A Little Empathy Should Be
Coming full circle, I guess this could be an argument for GraphQL right? If you can’t find developers who get API design, you can’t hire an API professional, and for some reason they are empathy-challenged, you can provide a GraphQL layer that allows developers to get at what they need. []

How to fix CORS problems
You’ve probably already seen errors like the following one in the JavaScript console of your browser, when trying to execute AJAX requests: At first sight, it’s difficult to understand what’s happening and find out where the problem is coming from. by Thierry Templier []

Bare-bones Swagger Example for API Gateway Simplified Proxy Features
Amazon API Gateway just made it a LOT easier to build an API to front an existing HTTP backend or Lambda functions. Recent additions of a few simple but powerful new features reduce the amount of configuration needed to build an API Gateway proxy by several times. by rpgreen []

Yelp Courts Developers With New Tools for Integration
The program includes tools for developers to build with the Yelp Fusion API and Yelp’s local data, along with additional integrations. An updated developer portal will give developers better access to search more than 50 million local businesses across 32 countries. by Stephanie Miles []

My Client Side YAML Editor Running 100% On Github Pages
I am working on a base template which acts as a seed for all of my micro tools which run 100% on Github. I have a number of little micro tools I want to build, and I needed a series of core building blocks that I could fork and reuse across all my tools. []

Update: APIStrat Boston 2016 – Nov 2-4
Update: Preliminary schedule announced. APIStrat Boston – under the direction of our 2016 Program Chair Lorinda Brandon – is already shaping up to be our best program ever. Our three days of workshops, keynotes, fireside chats and speaker sessions 2016 reflect the maturity and diversity of the API business and community today. []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold

The Business of APIs

Restlet Adds API Test Automation to Help DevOps Teams Collaborate
QA engineers can share complex API tests with development and ops team members, integrate automated API testing into Maven and Jenkins DevOps systems Palo Alto, Calif., September 28, 2016 – Restlet, providers of the leading API platform, today announced a new version of Restlet DHC, an advanced API testing tool that helps DevOps teams easily create and share complex API tests among QA, development, and operations. by Swann Vichot []

“AAA” API testing – Accessible, Affordable, Agile – Highlight
APIs are at the core of today’s digital economy and have become boardroom-level topics of discussion. And with third-party APIs now being used by core systems, it’s more critical than ever for data to be secured and systems to be well tested. by Heather Peyton []

Google Spreadsheets As An Engine For API Goodness
It is an approach I’d like to explore more as I have time. I’m not a big fan of the spreadsheet but I fully get its role amongst muggle society. Spreadsheets keep me fascinated because of the many dimensions of API they possess. []

Every Government Agency Should Have A Forms API Like DOL Does

(Un)Related Topics

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on artificial intelligence, algorithmic accountability, and what he learned from Tay
Microsoft is quickly pivoting to position itself as a leader in artificial intelligence. In his second keynote on the subject this year, CEO Satya Nadella today (Sept. 27) stood in front of IT professionals and reiterated the company’s commitment to infuse every part of Microsoft’s business, from cloud services to Microsoft Word, with some kind of AI. by Dave Gershgorn []

5 Reasons Architects and Developers Argue
It’s the Cowboy Coder versus the Ivory Tower Architect. Let the battle commence! []

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