- December 07, 2016

Create, collaborate, manage and publish API documentation generated from open standards RAML, Swagger

San Mateo, Calif., December 7, 2016 – Restlet, providers of the fastest and easiest platform for delivering APIs, today announced the availability of new technology, code-named Gutenberg, to automatically create and publish API documentation. Gutenberg is immediately available as part of Restlet Studio at no extra charge.

Restlet Studio fits into a complete API DevOps workflow that includes design, testing, and deployment. With Gutenberg, Restlet Studio is a big step toward this goal. Prior to the release of Gutenberg, Restlet Studio provided an API editor and code generator, but lacked automated documentation capabilities.

“The new documentation creation features of Restlet Studio are a huge benefit for development teams by allowing them to collaborate more effectively in all phases of the API development process,” said Paul Pirat, Software Architect at Prologia, a leading developer of business planning and modeling software. “By making it easier to produce high-quality documentation that stays in sync with the API, Restlet Studio not only increases the value of the APIs that companies offer, it also significantly reduces the risk of brand damage experienced when companies publish outdated documentation that doesn’t work.”

Restlet Studio’s Gutenberg technology can create documentation from major API specification languages such as OAS and RAML contracts. By importing from one language and exporting to another, Restlet Studio can also function as a translation layer between different specifications and versions of them including the new support for RAML 1.0. This empowers DevOps teams to choose the best tool for each task, avoiding vendor lock-in with a single toolchain. When editing of API contract is required, Restlet Studio makes it easy to edit and collaborate.

“Restlet Studio is wildly popular with developers for editing APIs in OpenAPI Specification (OAS, fka Swagger Specification) and RAML because it makes the process productive and fun,” said Jerome Louvel, CTO and Founder of Restlet. “With the addition of documentation functionality, developers can now edit and document all in one tool.”

To help businesses with monetization and collaboration, Restlet Studio can secure API documentation access with one of three settings: team, public, or password protected. Publishing to the web is handled by a simple button click.

Restlet will be providing two talks at APIdays in Paris, France on December 13-14.   Jonathan Michaux, Restlet Studio Product Manager, will demonstrate Restlet Studio with Gutenberg technology in a workshop. In another presentation, Jerome Louvel, CTO and Founder of Restlet, will provide an overview of the state of API languages.

Restlet Studio, with the enhanced Gutenberg technology, is freely available as a cloud application. Professional versions of the Restlet Platform start at $9/month. Plans that support team collaboration and continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) start at $49/month.  

See the plans and sign up for a free account at: