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Hot Topics

Box’s Seamless Approach To API Documentation
API documentation doesn’t have to be overly technical and boring. It can look like a regular user interface, and the API can be right behind the UI curtain, providing a snapshot of the requests and responses that are doing the heavy lifting behind. []

API Management Is Getting More Modular And Composable
Anyways, full disclosure and all — Tyk is my partner. I’m writing about them because they give me money. However, I am not in the business of taking money to write about products that don’t offer a real solution. []

JPMorgan Chase and Intuit to Securely Share Data Through APIs
JPMorgan Chase and Intuit announced a partnership to share bank financial data easily and securely through APIs on January 25. With this partnership, JPMorgan Chase customers can now authorize the bank to share their account data with Intuit’s financial management applications like Mint and TurboTax. []

Using Github As An API Index And Data Store
I am using the Github API for this augmented layer. I am just playing with different ways to proxy it and deliver the best search results possible. The POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE layer for each Github repository data store in the _data folder is pretty straightforward. []

Stoplight Launches Scenarios API Testing and Debugging Tool
Stoplight, a startup that graduated from the June 2015 Techstars Austin class, has announced the launch of Scenarios, a tool to test, automate, and debug Web APIs. Developers can use Scenarios to build test suites for Web services and microservices as well as for contract testing. []

Improvements to our SDK Docker images – Intercom Developers
Back in December, we released our Intercom SDK Docker images to make it easier to interact with our APIs and improve the overall experience of developing with Intercom. We released them in beta as we wanted to see how useful they’d be for making tasks such as setting up environments or debugging issues easier. by Cathal Horan []

The Art of Creating Simple but Flexible APIs
[Focuses on module/function APIs rather than web APIs, but still a good read] A while ago I read the blog post Ranging Near and Far by Scott Sauyet. On Echo JS, Scott titled a link to this blog “Choosing simple APIs over flexible ones”. This title suggests that you have to choose between either simple or flexible APIs, which is a false dilemma. by Jos de Jong [] – find the oauth related blog you are searching for! []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold


Special Focus: IoT

Video: How CapitalOne Built a Voice-Based Banking Skill for Amazon Echo
Last year, Capital One joined Alexa on stage at re:Invent to talk about their experience building an Alexa skill. Hear from them one year later to learn from the challenges that they had to overcome and the results they are seeing from their skill. In this session, you will learn the importance of flexible invocations, better VUI design, how OAuth and account linking can add value to your skill, and about Capital One’s experience building an Alexa skill. []

University attacked by its own vending machines, smart light bulbs & 5,000 IoT devices
A university, attacked by its own malware-laced soda machines and other botnet-controlled IoT devices, was locked out of 5,000 systems. []

My House Is Infested With IoTs
Our house is infested with IoTs. Ok, it’s mostly because of my drone and camera obsession, but the printer, Sonos, and other devices are definitely a little more on the normal side of things. When you stop to think about all this IoT think stuff for a bit, it’s pretty crazy what have let into our world. []

Without API Management, the Internet of Things is Just a Big Thing
Just when you thought the Internet couldn’t get any bigger, here comes the Internet of Things (IoT). The GSM Association’s Connected Life predicts that by 2020, there will be 24 billion connected devices, while Cisco’s current Internet of Everything prediction is 37 billion “intelligent things,” such as cars, appliances, smartphones, tablets, monitoring sensors and more,… by John Thielens, Axway []

Setting up a DevOps Pipeline for an IoT Application
In a recent article on the MSDN site, Daniel Meixler explores a complete DevOps lifecycle for an Internet of Things (IoT) application using Microsoft frameworks and components. The concepts can be generalized to other IoT platforms with some changes. Typically, DevOps is most prevalent for web applications but it’s not tied to any specific technology or type of application. []


(Un)Related Topics

To Package a Great User Experience, Start with Your Development Team – The New Stack
Software developers spend a lot of time – or should – thinking about how to create a great user experience for their customers. Bitnami software engineer Bridget McErlean gave a talk at analyst firm’s RedMonk’s Monki Gras, held in London last month, that stressed the importance of packaging (the theme for this year’s conference) great developer experience, starting with … by Jennifer Riggins []

Part 3 of Thinking Serverless -  Dealing with Data and Workflow Issues
This post is the third of a four-part series of that will dive into developing applications in a serverless way. []

Why Messaging Queues Suck
When designing an enterprise architecture it can be common to use a typical Pub-Sub pattern using a message queue subscribed to a topic. This can have some real-world costs and queues may not be necessary. This article shows a better choice than using queues and when it makes sense to use a queue. []

Docker Containers on the Desktop
Saturday, February 21, 2015 Hello! If you are not familiar with Docker, it is the popular open source container engine. Most people use Docker for containing applications to deploy into production or for building their applications in a contained environment. []

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