- March 08, 2017

If you have been using Restlet Client (formerly known as DHC) for a while you might be familiar with Contexts. These have been enhanced and renamed to Environments to make it clearer and easier to grasp.

Why are we changing them? Predominantly to provide a better user experience by facilitating ease of use. Your feedback contributed to make this feature even more powerful!

A selected environment is always visible while working on a request or scenario either from the requests or scenarios perspectives. So switching from one environment to another is just one click away.

The variables overview is easily accessible by placing your mouse over the eye icon:

Additionally, in the coming months we plan to let you share your environments with your team!

How Does This Benefit You?

Environments let you customize your requests to configure them depending on your environment variables.

For example, the host of your request may depend whether you are on the Staging environment or on the Production one. So just create two environments: Staging and Production as well as a new variable in each of them: host with the proper value e.g. vs and you’re set.

Now you just have to use your new variable:

  1. Select your current environment
  2. Go to your request
  3. Change your URL to https://${host}/your_api_path to use the variable

That’s it! You are ready to use and run your scenarios on the environment of your choice by switching the selected environment.

We are very excited to release this cool improvement and hope you will try it, love it and give us some feedback!