When developers started around 2003 to look into REST APIs as a lighter alternative to SOAP services, not only were the heavy set of specifications discarded, but the associated tooling  was perceived as unnecessary. REST and pure HTTP being so much simpler and by nature very interoperable, why would you need contracts, code generators and […]

- April 26, 2017
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We are happy to announce that Restlet Studio now supports RAML 1.0 export and import. Let’s take this opportunity to have a look at the differences between RAML 1.0 and its main counterpart, OAS 2.0. What is RAML 1.0? RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) is one of the most popular API definition languages along with […]

- April 12, 2017
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This article is part of a blog posts series on how to automate your API test scenarios with different CI/CD platforms. This issue will help you get started with Circle CI. You may want to take a look at the Travis CI tutorial as well. Interested to see one in particular? Please let us know […]

- April 03, 2017
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