In our previous post we have discovered the two perspectives of API design but whatever the chosen design perspective, there’s a key concept to keep in mind when designing APIs: Consistency. But what does really means being consistent in API design and why does it matter? This is what we will talk about in this post. […]

- May 18, 2017
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API design is a matter of point of view, an API can be designed from two perspectives: outside in and inside out. While the outside in approach focuses on creating an API from the consumer point of view regardless of what happens behind the API; the inside out one focuses on giving consumers direct access […]

- May 03, 2017
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Over the past few years, Restlet has had a large community of developers leverage its platform to design, test and host API’s for lots of different purposes. With Restlet Client, developers and testers can use the platform to test and automate APIs. In Restlet Client, a Scenario is an ordered sequence of requests that can […]

- May 02, 2017
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