- August 09, 2017

Dear readers,

Postman Collection v2 import has landed in Restlet Client

Let’s speak freely, Postman and Restlet Client (f.k.a DHC) are great tools and have been around for 5 years already.

Both products have evolved a lot and have sometimes taken different paths. An example is the testing capability: Postman tests are based on code while Restlet Client is based on some higher level assertions.

At Restlet we believe that testing your APIs should be simple, readable, collaborative and easy to maintain. That is why Restlet Client expressions and assertions system let the user validate and chain the requests of its scenarios.

Maybe you have been willing to try out Restlet Client for a while and do not want to restart from scratch. That is why we recently released the capability to import a Postman Collection (V2 format) into Client so that you can bootstrap your projects rapidly.

Environment variables

If your Postman collections uses environment variables, a Restlet Client’s environment will automatically be created at import so that you can start right away and keep your request’s customization.

Chaining Requests

Postman uses environment variables so that a request can reuse the output of another. In Restlet Client, this is done using expressions; so despite the automatic extraction of environments variables your chain of requests might not work anymore because the variables will not be populated by Restlet Client. Hence chained requests would have to be updated to leverage Restlet Client’s expressions.


Formats imported by Restlet Client

Formats imported by Restlet Client



As said above, Restlet Client’s tests are based on assertions while Postman’s tests are based on code. We acknowledge that parsing code is a challenge, and we decided to not even try to extract all your tests. However, some of them will be:

responseCode.code === 200 Status code equals 200

responseBody.has("authenticated") Body content contains authenticated

Try it and tell us what you think!

This feature might help you transition from Postman to Restlet Client or even use both product side by side to enjoy the specificities of each one them!

It’s a first release and we know we can do more to improve our support for Postman Collection v2, please feel free to let us know! You can join the support team either using the in-app messaging or by emailing us at

With love,
Your devoted Restlet Client’s development team