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APISpark enables any API, application or data owner to become an API provider in minutes via an intuitive browser interface.

Fully hosted and managed by Restlet, APISpark is the first Platform-as-a-Service dedicated to the creation, hosting, management, and consumption of web APIs.

APISpark is accessible from anywhere, via any Web browser, and does not require to be a technical expert or a RESTful API master. Any developer or non-developer can create and make available to consumers their data, their business logic, and even existing APIs, in minutes - including all the security and scalability that’s required.

APISpark can be experienced for free without time limitation. Paid plans are priced to meet the needs of any size of organization, and include a pay-as-you-go, no-lock-in guarantee.

Key Features


Visual Creation of APIs
Documentation, Management and Security
Usage Reporting and Analytics
Visual Creation of APIs
Documentation, Management and Security
Usage Reporting and Analytics

Visual Creation of APIs

APISpark lets you create and deploy APIs in a few minutes through an intuitive browser-based UI. These APIs securely connect to your own data, either hosted on APISpark or accessible from your systems. Web APIs created in APISpark are fully compliant with REST and can be used by any application, mobile device or web site.

Documentation, Management and Security

APISpark generates dynamic and interactive documentation for any web API, created inside the platform or through another development environment. And regardless of where these APIs are hosted, APISpark provides you with complete management capabilities, including client SDK generation, access control, and firewall with rate limitation.

Usage Reporting & Analytics

With built-in analytics, APISpark provides reporting and measurement of usage for all APIs managed through the platform. Calls and performance statistics let you analyze how well your API is performing.

What the Industry is Saying


  • User Quote

    "APISpark has transformed the work of one year in one day, simply and effectively."

    Marcelo Junior, CI&T

    Analyst Quote

    "APISpark brings to non-technical people a much-needed solution to access content, data and digital resources"

    Kin Lane, API Evangelist


APISpark pricing is determined by the actual usage of your APIs, and is based on the number of Concurrent Clients.

Number of APIs


Entity Storage

100 MB

File Storage

10 GB

For more information, please see our Pricing FAQs

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