Organic food and health retailer leverages Restlet Cloud for price list injection in ERP

Grön Gåva collects price lists from their suppliers from Excel spreadsheets. But manually entering and updating prices in the ERP system is very time-consuming, and not a very interesting job.

To improve the process, Grön Gåva imports Excel spreadsheets in Google Sheets, so that the data can be massaged, normalized and cleaned, thanks to App Script.

Then, thanks to Restlet Cloud, all that data is exposed through a REST API that can be consumed by other processes down the automation chain.

The ERP system is able to correlate the new data from the Restlet Cloud hosted REST API, with existing price lists, by joining and comparing with supplier’s article identifiers. From this step, another spreadsheet is generated to compare current prices, new prices from suppliers, and give useful metrics and statistics to help Grön Gåva decide the new price to apply in its e-Commerce shopping site. After a final review of those prices, they can be uploaded to the ERP and displayed on the site.


  • Restlet Cloud and its Google Sheets wrapper greatly simplify the tasks of ingesting supplier’s price lists into their ERP and shopping website, reducing long hours of tedious work into an automated process, where humans can focus on the pricing aspects rather than on the boring manual steps.


  • Restlet Cloud Google Sheets wrapper facilitates human work with the data with a powerful UI through Google Sheets, whereas the wrapper allows to expose a Web API to programmatic consumption.
  • Restlet’s free plan is generous to get started with the Restlet Cloud module.