Restlet Cloud preserves and serves wine information for expert wine and meal pairing

Researchers in Computer Science at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, Michele Di Chio and Ivan Zagaria are developing a JavaFX fronted for the WINEX expert system. Written in CLIPS, a public domain software solution for creating and authoring expert systems, WINEX, the WINe EXpert system helps wine connoisseurs choose the appropriate wine for a given meal. WINEX is based on the work of the book “Expert Systems: principles and programming” by Joseph C. Giarratano, and G. Riley.

Restlet Cloud is used to store the knowledge base of the WINEX expert system. The JavaFX frontend interacts with Restlet Cloud to retrieve the knowledge base.


  • Restlet Cloud allowed the research team to easily expose a Web API directly from Restlet Cloud’s rich built-in data store, avoiding them to have to develop a full blown Web application interacting with a third-party SQL or NoSQL database.
  • No code was needed to be developed for interfacing the JavaFX frontend application with the Restlet Cloud backend, thanks to the Client SDKs automatically generated by Restlet Cloud.


  • Data can be stored directly in Restlet Cloud’s built-in data store, without requiring to host and manage an external database.
  • Restlet Cloud’s built-in data store allows API developers to define a rich data model, with deep composite hierarchical structures.
  • Once an API is crafted, it is possible to download client SDKs for different languages and technologies, that mobile and frontend developers can use to directly connect to the Web API exposed in the Restlet Cloud, without requiring any particular coding beside using the SDK itself.
  • The free plan is very generous and offers the full capabilities of the platform without restrictions.