Restlet Cloud shortens the time-to-market for Portside investment firm

Portside, a boutique alternative investment firm focused on research, investment and marketing, seeks to be highly responsive to evolving investor needs when researching and monitoring investments. Using innovative and fast turnaround platforms for quickly prototyping solutions and keeping developments agile, Portside is able to get new software tools to market more quickly. Restlet Cloud allows developers to easily test new application functionality as is the case with Portside, operating within the investment management. Prototypes are based on Restlet Cloud web APIs, leveraging its rich built-in data store.


  • Easy to get started prototyping new applications, store data in Restlet Cloud, and easily expose a Web API
  • Changes can be made quickly as the design and requirements evolve


  • In response to changing requirements and as the application evolves, Restlet Cloud makes it easier to make changes to the exposed API and underlying data, much more simply than using a SQL database, and building a web app atop
  • Versioning of the API ensures existing applications won’t receive errors, while giving new applications access to relevant data immediately
  • The Web API is useful in getting results quickly