Fujitsu RunMyProcess to Expand Usability of Platform with APIs powered by Restlet

Leading Digital Platform provider Fujitsu RunMyProcess broadens their use of Restlet’s API Platform, making integration easier for their ecosystem by improving API usability.

Restlet, providers of the leading API Platform as a Service, announced today that Fujitsu RunMyProcess, a division of Fujitsu Limited, is leveraging Restlet’s innovative technology to make it easier for customers and partners to consume platform APIs. Fujitsu RunMyProcess provides a cloud platform for rapidly and securely building applications which connect enterprise systems to the people, software and devices that populate the digital world – making APIs an important building block of the overall value they provide.

“In the emerging digital economy the quality and accessibility of your APIs is of paramount importance,” said Matthieu Hug, CEO of Fujitsu RunMyProcess. “The ease with which your solution can be combined with others is quickly becoming a critical factor in the decision making processes of customers and partners. By helping us ensure that our APIs are well documented and easy to use, Restlet enables us to provide seamless integration and facilitate a faster expansion in the use of our platform.”

Fujitsu RunMyProcess have been leveraging the open source Restlet Framework for seven years, making them one of the earliest adopters of the technology. By using the Restlet framework, Fujitsu RunMyProcess has created a micro service architecture which makes all platform functions available via APIs, delivering significant flexibility and automation benefits for its customers and partners.

As a result of this success Fujitsu RunMyProcess has now extended its use of Restlet’s technology to encompass the automated production of API documentation. By extending its use of the Restlet platform suite in this way, Fujitsu RunMyProcess has been able to automate the cumbersome process of documenting and maintaining information on platform APIs for consumers, facilitating seamless consumption of these APIs.

“The Restlet Framework has really made our life easier, dramatically increasing the productivity of our developers,” confirmed Sebastien Gaide, CTO of Fujitsu RunMyProcess. “By taking our next step with the Restlet Platform we are further improving the usability and robustness of our APIs.”

The Restlet Platform used by Fujitsu RunMyProcess is composed of:

  • Restlet Studio, a web IDE that lets developers at Fujitsu RunMyProcess adopt a streamlined “API-first” approach, accelerating implementation and improving quality through API contracts.
  • DHC by Restlet, a web-based testing tool for APIs that lets developers validate API features, test scenarios and non-regression tests at every new release.
  • APISpark, an API Platform as a Service that allows Fujitsu RunMyProcess to automatically create developer documentation, and soon, code samples and SDKs for all major client and server platforms including iOS, Android, Java, AngularJS and more.

“The Restlet Platform gives Fujitsu RunMyProcess a competitive advantage by streamlining their API strategy,” said Paul Doscher, Old Surfer Dude and CEO at Restlet. “By making it easier for developers to use Fujitsu RunMyProcess APIs, they increase the value of their product and business.”

About Restlet

Restlet knows APIs: the company’s API Platform as a Service (apiPaaS) provides API developers and developers using APIs with a comprehensive, well-integrated set of capabilities to consume, design, develop and deploy APIs in the cloud, easily and quickly. Thanks to the Restlet Platform, developers leverage APIs to make cloud, mobile, web and IoT applications easier to build, maintain and secure. To encourage growth of the API development community, Restlet also builds and maintains Restlet Framework, the world’s most widely used open source REST API framework. Named a Cool Vendor in Specialized PaaS by Gartner, Restlet has US headquarters in Palo Alto, California and engineering offices in Nantes, France and Prague, Czech Republic. For more information visit or follow @restlet on Twitter.

About Fujitsu RunMyProcess

Fujitsu RunMyProcess solves digital problems and helps enterprises evolve through the power of connected technology. By using its multi-award winning cloud platform, businesses around the world quickly and securely build applications that connect enterprise systems to the people, software and things which populate the digital world. A wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu RunMyProcess is headquartered in Paris (France) and has offices in London (UK), Sunnyvale (US), Tokyo (Japan) and Pune (India). For more information visit or follow @runmyprocess on Twitter.