Restlet Adds API Test Automation to Help DevOps Teams Collaborate

QA engineers can share complex API tests with development and ops team members, integrate automated API testing into Maven and Jenkins DevOps systems

Palo Alto, Calif., September 28, 2016 – Restlet, providers of the leading API platform, today announced a new version of Restlet DHC, an advanced API testing tool that helps DevOps teams easily create and share complex API tests among QA, development, and operations. For the first time, DHC supports a scenarios-centric view that allows multiple tests to be saved and connected together. As mobile, microservices, and IoT trends push DevOps teams to publish more APIs to the cloud in less time, organizations have faced problems with scalable API testing. DHC solves these problems by making it easy to create, share, and maintain complex automated API tests.


“Our new version of Restlet DHC meets the needs of DevOps team that want to thoroughly test their APIs throughout the development, test, and deploy cycle,” said Jerome Louvel, founder and Chief Geek of Restlet. “Restlet is bridging the gap between API and DevOps communities, helping to drive API standards and working with popular DevOps technologies like Maven and Jenkins. We’re building even more integration with DevOps technologies and welcome open cooperation.”


DHC is part of the Restlet Platform for APIs, which is used by more than 2 million developers. It works with any web API, including third-party APIs.

Other new features

  • Easy navigation between DHC (test), Restlet Studio (design), and APISpark (development and deploy)
  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) workflow support
  • Vastly improved continuous API testing support with Jenkins and Maven integration
  • Real-life simulation of mobile or web front-end behavior using conditional logic to branch or retry calls. Variables can be passed from one response to the next request to simulate the behavior of people interacting with your application
  • Automated test scenario builder that saves history and compares new tests to history, accepts variables as test inputs and define references between request and response
  • One button click of Maven pom.xml and scenarios


DHC is freely available as a cloud application. Professional versions of the Restlet Platform start at $9/month. Plans that support team collaboration and continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) start at $49/month.

See the plans and sign up for a free account at:

More information on Restlet DHC is available here:

About Restlet
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