• Discovering APIs with Restlet Client

    Filip Kolarik, founder and creator of Restlet Client (fka DHC), takes you through the interface and shows you how to do manual API discovery and testing, unit tests, scenario tests and automated tests with the Maven/Jenkins plugin.

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  • Exploring Restlet Cloud

    In this 40 minute webinar, Guillaume Laforge goes over some key features of the Restlet Cloud (fka APISpark) platform module. Whether you are new to Restlet Cloud or not, you can watch this recording of the webinar to familiarise ...

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  • Webinar: API Serverless Architecture

    In this webinar, Mark Boyd discusses the findings of his latest report "Market scan: API Serverless Architecture". Put together by the API-analyst startup Platformable, it looks at the growth of new products that help enterprises, startups and governments to innovate ...

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  • API Design with Restlet Studio

    In this webinar, our API Mad Scientist (Jonathan Michaux) takes you through the Restlet Studio to design an API for a product catalog, download an iOS SDK to speed up development of a mobile app and finally, share the API ...

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  • Opening Up Government Data Using Restlet

    Kin Lane, API Evangelist, takes a valuable, publicly available open data set available as a spreadsheet or CSV file, and generates an API using Restlet, allowing the data to be used in web, and mobile applications.

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  • Summer of APIs Workshop

    Kin Lane, API Evangelist, shows you how to select an Open Data source, how to expose it via a web API in APISpark and how best to promote it to win the Summer of APIs virtual hackathon.

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  • Picking the Low Hanging Fruit In API Deployment

    When it comes to deploying APIs from common data sources, it can be tough to know where to get started. Listen to Kin Lane, API Evangelist, as he explains where you can find some initial targets for deploying APIs ...

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  • Getting Cozy with Restlet Framework

    Are you looking for a fast way to build a web API? Have you heard about APIs and you feel you need to get in the loop?

    This on-demand workshop will teach you in 90 minutes how to:

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  • How to Get Started with APIs

    Now You Understand What An API Is, What Is Next?

    In his white paper A Field Guide To Web APIs, Kin Lane primed the pump by helping to understand just what an APIs is, how they ...

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