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    Frequently asked questions

    What does API-First mean?

    API-first software development refers to a set of practices that formally recognize APIs as a first-class artefact of software development, and emphasize their strategic and architectural importance. The intention of API-first is to enable the use of agile principles and DevOps methods to produce APIs that meet the expectations of a growing spectrum of API stakeholders, enable reuse within and across organisations, all with the shortest possible time-to-market.

    How do I document an existing API?

    1. Import your API contract into Restlet Studio. Go to APIs -> Import API Definition and select Swagger or RAML. Now, your API contract has been imported into Restlet Studio and you can visually tweak it, e.g. add textual paragraphs.

    2. Generate documentation. Select the imported API contract. Click on the settings icon (gear). Choose a domain from which you will serve the documentation and switch the documentation to published. That’s it. Optionally, you may restrict the documentation’s availability to only your team or protect it with a password.

    How do I automate API scenario execution?

    Restlet offers a Maven plugin that lets you automatically run API tests and API scenarios exported from Restlet Client. The plugin can be easily integrated with various CI/CD servers like Jenkins and Travis CI. Learn more on how to integrate with Travis CI here.