Push your tests to GitHub

As you have seen in the previous chapter, testing your API on CI with Restlet Client is pretty easy but you have probably noticed that we haven't covered yet an essential part of the CI build: the source control.

Nobody wants to update the test files by hand in the source control. That's why we decided to integrate with the most widespread source control solution there is - GitHub - so that you can get a fully integrated API testing workflow.

Pushing your test files to GitHub is effortless with Restlet Client, you'll have to configure your account and project then pushing is only a click away.

Link your GitHub account to Restlet

You will first need to link your GitHub account with Restlet. Once this is done, you will be able to use the GitHub integration on Restlet Client and Restlet Studio. Everything you push to GitHub will be done with the linked GitHub account.

Open Restlet Client and open your Account (to the right of the header bar). There, you’ll find a GitHub section in which you can link your account.

Link your GitHub account

We will never clone any of your repositories, and only ask GitHub for rights to write in your repositories, which is the minimal possible scope required for the feature to work.

Link your project to a repository

Once your GitHub account is linked, you need to link your project to a GitHub repository. To do so, open the project you want to link and click on the button "link your repository" at the right of the screen.

Link project button

You can choose the GitHub repository where you want to push your project test file and select the branch and path where it should be pushed.

Link project

In the example above, my test file will be pushed to git@github.com:restlet/star-wars-api.git on branch 1.2.17 in the folder src/main/resources.

Note: We will warn you if the repository your are pushing to is public. Make sure there is no sensitive information in your project and environment before pushing anything in this case!

Push your project to GitHub

You are all set now, you just need to open your project and click on the GitHub button (that now says 'Push') to push your project to GitHub.

Push to GitHub

An indicator will light up in the Push button to notify you that you have changes in your project that have not been pushed to GitHub.