Adding a project to a team I belong to

As a team member, you can see the teams you belong to in the view Repository, on the left. For each team, you have a drive with the team owner's name.

The team owner may have already shared projects with you. Nonetheless, you can also share your projects with the team.

In order to do that, click on a project's menu to use the Share action. Then, you set the project's access to the team you want.

Note: Here, the sharing is about transferring the project to the team. This implies you will lose the project's management, such as the delete action. It will be the team owner that will be able to manage the project.

Once a project is shared, it is transferred to the team. The project doesn't appear anymore under MY DRIVE but under the team's drive.

From now on, the team owner will see the project in his drive and it will be displayed as a shared project (displayed in green).

Note: Sharing a project whose name is already used by a shared or private project of the selected team, will be blocked.