Managing your team

As a Restlet user, you'll have one team assigned to your account. This team will be used across Restlet Client, Restlet Studio, and Restlet Cloud.

To access your team, open the Team menu from the profile drop-down menu in the header bar. If this is the first time you open it, you are the only member of the team. And you are the team owner.

To add people to your team, search them by email. Then, if they are not already a user of Restlet products, they will receive an invitation to join your team.

Sharing projects

Now, let's share a project with your team. On the left menu of the application, click on a project's menu to use the Share action. Then, you set the project's access to Team. Once a project is shared with your team members, it is displayed in green.

From now on, your team members will see the shared project appear in their left menu, as a new entry under your name.