What Restlet Client does

Restlet Client (formerly known as DHC) allows you to interact with REST services. It brings many different features that make your user experience better, save you precious time when debugging HTTP calls or sharing your requests with others.

Let's introduce the two main use cases that Restlet Client addresses.

API discovery and debugging

Restlet Client helps you to call any type of HTTP API (REST, hypermedia, SOAP, OData...) with a powerful while easy to use request editor.

Request editor

Once the request has been set, Restlet Client lets you inspect API responses thanks to the ability:

  • to pretty print different data formats,
  • to preview web assets like images or web pages,
  • to navigate in your API through hyperlinks,
  • etc.

inspect response

Then save, organize, document, and share your API requests with your team!


API testing

With Restlet Client, you can create complex scenarios that emulate real-life usage of your API (combine multiple API requests, reuse data from previous responses, etc.)


Whether you want to check that your API is behaving as specified, or you need to confirm how well third-party APIs are responding, Restlet Client lets you perform many sorts of API response tests such as on the value of headers, parts of the body or response time among others.