Expose files from a GitHub repository as an API


GitHub is a social coding platform that hosts Git repositories.

The Restlet Cloud GitHub Wrapper is a type of File Store that wraps the content of a GitHub repository. This content can then be manipulated directly via the wrapper, or imported into a web API and exposed for consumption.


To follow this tutorial, you will need:

  • a web browser,
  • 15 minutes of your time,
  • your GitHub login details,
  • access to a GitHub repository.

1Create a GitHub Wrapper

From the Dashboard, click on the + File Store button, and select "GitHub wrapper" from the Type drop-down menu.

Give your wrapper a Name and a Description (optional).

Create a GitHub Wrapper

You will be taken to the new Wrapper's Settings tab.

2Configure your GitHub account

From the wrapper's Settings tab, select Github Account from the Security section in the left panel.

Enter your GitHub account credentials. Press the Test button to check the connection.

Setup GitHub account

Note: We advise you to use personal access tokens to import your GitHub repository.

3Import a GitHub repository

To select a GitHub repository to import, click the Add button next to the Imports section in the left panel.

You will be prompted to enter the username of the Owner of the repository, as well as the Repository name.

Add a GitHub repo

4Generate the Wrapper's folders

Once the repository has been imported, select it from the Imports section in the left panel, and open the Folders tab in the central panel.

Click on the Add folders button to import the repository's folders. Imported folders are listed in the Dependant folder section in the central panel.

Add GitHub folders

Open the Wrapper's Overview tab to view the imported folders.

GitHub folders overview

5Deploy the Wrapper and browse the folders

In order to browser the contents of the folders, you need to start by deploying the Wrapper. Click on the Deploy button at the top-right of the screen.

Once the Wrapper is deployed, you can select a folder from the Folders section in the left panel, and then open the Browser tab in the central panel.

GitHub folder browser

Congratulations on completing this tutorial! If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the Help Desk.