Cell concept

Restlet Cloud relies on the concept of cell s. A cell is a basic software package that can interact with other imported cells.

Cell types

From Restlet Cloud, you can create two types of cells: Data Stores (Entity Stores or Files Stores) and web APIs.

Web APIs import Data Stores and can be invoked by users.

Cell concept

Web APIs

An API (Application Programming Interface) is an available web business once deployed via HTTP and exposing data.

You can create a web API cell, which will be hosted on Restlet Cloud. In order to bring additional features to your existing web API hosted outside of Restlet Cloud, you can create a Connector cell.

Data Stores

Two types of Data Stores can be created. Entity Stores for structured data (equivalent to a database) and File Stores for static files (text documents, images, videos or style sheets).

Cell characteristics

Each cell created is given a unique identifier on Restlet Cloud prefixed by its category (APIs or stores), and followed by its version number. Here is the identifier structure:
/<category>/<cell identifier>/versions/<version number>/
e.g. https://cloud.restlet.com/apis/3373/versions/1/
This identifier will be requested by the Restlet support team when assisting you.

Note: You cannot directly invoke a DataStore, you need to first expose it through a web API which imports this store. A web API can invoke several stores.