Restlet Cloud cell revision management

What is a cell revision?

The Revisions tab contains a history of previous revisions of a cell. A revision is a copy of the state of a cell at the moment the revision was created. Every revision has a number, for example v1.2 is the second revision of a cell in its first version.


Create a revision

A revision is created automatically every time you deploy a cell. You can also manually create new revisions from the Revisions tab by clicking on the Add button.

Add revision manually

Each revision has an associated creation date, author, and revision number, that can be used to better identify a revision.

Restore a revision

When you restore a revision, the current state of the cell being edited is replaced by the version of the cell stored along with the revision.

Warning: Make sure you do not overwrite any important changes you have made to the current cell. One way to protect against this is to manually create a revision before restoring another.

To restore a revision:

Open the appropriate cell.
Navigate to the Revisions tab.
Choose the revision you want to restore from the list of those available.
Click the Restore button.

Restore revision

Note: As you restore a revision, you also restore the members that are associated to this revision.