Access your account information

All your Restlet account details are available on the Account page, from any of the three modules (Cloud, Client or Studio).

To navigate to your Account page, make sure you are signed in, then click on your username on top right of your screen and select Account.

The Account page is composed of 4 tabs: Account, Pricing, Team and Domains.

Account tab

User information

This section provides information about your profile and the social network account you use to connect to Restlet Cloud.

  • Display name: name that will display on top right of your screen.
  • Email: the email address associated with the account
  • logo of the social provider you used to sign in (or Auht0 logo if you signed in with your email address directly),
  • your email address,
  • a green tick if you confirmed your email address in the email that was sent automatically to your mailbox or a Not verified link if you did not,
  • your profile picture.


The Tokens section lists the tokens linked to your account. You will not need to use these tokens for now. You can simply sign in to Restlet Cloud with your social provider account.

Team tab

Team tab

Restlet Cloud allows you to share your APIs with members of your team.

Note: At the bottom of the window, you can see the number of members you added to your team and the number of members you are allowed according to the plan you subscribed to e.g. 2/5.

Domains tab

My domains tab

You can create several domains on your account.

For more information, jump to the custom domains section of our online documentation.