Download server skeletons


The beauty of a RESTful API is that it can easily be invoked by a host of different devices and applications.

To facilitate this, Restlet Cloud can generate server skeletons for your web APIs for a number of different environments:

Server skeletons
Java (Restlet Framework or JAX-RS)
Scala (Scalatra)
JavaScript (Node.js)

You can Add or Delete server skeletons from the Server skeletons section of the Downloads tab.

Download server skeletons

You can download server skeletons just as you do with client SDKs:

Open the appropriate API.
Click on the Downloads tab.
Select the language you need (Scala, Java - Restlet Framework or JAX-RS - or JavaScript) in the Server skeletons section.
Click on the Download ... button from the central panel.

Server skeletons

Server skeletons follow the same version creation process described in the client SDKs section.