Store static files in local File Stores


Restlet Cloud features two types of File Store implementations: local and wrapper.

In this section we will cover the full stack File Store (local), with which static files can be stored on Restlet Cloud.

Create a File Store

To create a File Store from the Dashboard, click on the + File Store button.

+File Store

In the Create a File Store window, select Full Stack in order to choose the local File Store implementation (as opposed to a wrapper).

Create File Store

Enter a Name and an optional Description and click on the Create button.

Create folders

To create a new folder, click on the Add button from the File Store Overview tab.


Deploy a File Store

To deploy a File Store, click on the Deploy button. Messages will inform you of the progress and completion of the process.

Once you have deployed your File Store, you can Export an API.

Upload files

The data browser is a useful tool that lets you directly modify the contents of a folder in a File Store.

In order to use the data browser, the File Store must be deployed.

To upload a file, select the desired Folder from the Folders section, and click on the Browser tab.


Upload a file from your file system.

Note: If you add or modify existing folders, you will need to re-deploy your File Store in order for the Browser to update itself.