Google Sheets Wrapper


Restlet Cloud features a Wrapper Entity Store for Google Sheets spreadsheets. The Google Sheets Wrapper lets you expose data stored in a spreadsheet through a web API. The Google Sheets wrapper loads the data from your spreadsheet and changes made are replicated through automatically.

GSheet to wrapper

Create a Google Sheets Wrapper

To know how to create a Google Sheets wrapper step by step, jump to our Google Sheets tutorial.

You can import one spreadsheet per wrapper. If you need data from several spreadsheets, create one wrapper per spreadsheet and import them into one single API.

Update your spreadsheet structure

If you modify your spreadsheet structure (e.g. add/remove columns), you will need to synchronize your spreadsheet with your Google Sheets Wrapper.

Navigate to the Settings tab of your Google Sheets Wrapper.
Click the Synchronize button and Deploy your wrapper.


The changes made have been propagated to the associated API(s) as you you can see in your API Data sources section.

Data sources

Perform queries

You can apply simple filters on entity properties and sort queries on Google Sheets wrapper APIs.

Note: Non alphanumeric characters must be in quotes in your queries.
If your spreadsheet cells are in plain text format, they must also be in quotes in your queries.

Google rate limits

The usage of the Google Sheets wrapper is subject to Google rate limits.

You can to turn on the server cache in Restlet Cloud to mitigate the problem and improve performance.