SQL Wrapper


Restlet Cloud features a Wrapper Entity Store for SQL databases. The SQL Wrapper lets you expose data stored in a SQL database through a web API.

SQL to wrapper

Create a SQL Wrapper

To know how to create a SQL wrapper step by step, jump to our SQL tutorial.

Primary key policy

A unique identifier is automatically added to every new entity and serves as the entity's primary key. By default, it is generated by your database.

Click on the id property of an Entity.

Primary key

The SQL wrapper supports three different primary key policies.

Generated by database

The value of the primary key is generated by the origin SQL database. You can rename the primary key property and its data type is Integer.

Generated by Restlet Cloud

If Generated by Restlet Cloud is selected, then the id property's Type and Name are immutable, and its value generated by Restlet Cloud everytime a new data element is inserted.

Specified at creation

You can rename the primary key property, and choose between three data types: String, Integer and Long. The value of a primary key is specified by the user in creation requests.

Update your SQL database structure

If you modify your database structure (e.g. add/remove columns), you will need to synchronize your database with your sql-to-wrapper Wrapper.

Navigate to the Settings tab of your SQL Wrapper.
Click the Synchronize button and Deploy your wrapper.


The changes made have been propagated to the associated API(s) as you you can see in your API Data sources section.

Data sources