API mock setup

Every Restlet Studio API comes with an integrated mock API hosted by Restlet.

To activate your mock API, navigate to the settings page (near your API's name at the top left of the screen), scroll down to the Mock section, and hit enable.

Activate an API mock

When you activate an API mock, the mock's endpoint will be added to your API contract, and is visible at the top of the left panel. The endpoint will be a subdomain of "restletmocks.net".

Mock endpoint

This endpoint will also be visible in API documentation that you publish from Restlet Studio.

It is important to note that the first endpoint in the list of endpoints will be selected when you use features like exporting OAS, generating code, and trying your API in Restlet Client.

You can reorder endpoints at anytime via the general information panel (accessed by clicking on your API's name in the top left).