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HTTP Status Codes Map

100 Continue101 Switching Protocols102 Processing200 OK201 Created202 Accepted203 Non-Authoritative Information204 NoContent205 Reset Content206 Partial Content300 Multiple Choices301 Moved Permanently302 Found303 See Other304 Not Modified305 Use Proxy307 Temporary Redirect308 Permanent Redirect400 Bad Request401 Unauthorized403 Forbidden404 Not Found405 Method Not Allowed406 Not Acceptable407 Proxy Authentication Required408 Request Timeout409 Conflict410 Gone411 Length Required412 Precondition Failed413 Request Entity Too large414 Request URI Too Long415 Unsupported Media Type416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable417 Expectation Failed418 I'm aTeapot422 Unprocessable Entity423 Locked424 Failed Dependency426 Upgrade Required428 Precondition Required 429 Too Many Requests431 Request Header Fields Too Large451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons500 Internal Server Error501 Not Implemented502 Bad Gateway503 Service Unavailable504 Gateway Timeout505 HTTP Version Not Supported506 Variant Also Negotiates507 Insufficient Storage508 Loop Detected510 Not Extended511 Network Authentication RequiredSOAP Dead EndJSON TownHypermedia StadiumOAuthBazarIoTSquareSwaggerMarketYamlValleyAnalyticsRoadAPI BlueprintBridgeRestful ChurchEndpointGardensWeb API ParkHTTPCentralCurl CottageCode 100InformationalCode 200SuccessCode 300RedirectionCode 400Client ErrorCode 500Server ErrorCourtesy of