Test & Automate your APIs

Install Client

Visually create and execute single API requests as well as complex scenarios. Automate the execution of your API tests and scenarios with our CI/CD plugin.

  • Send requests

    Send requests and inspect responses

    Restlet Client handles all HTTP requests, no matter how complex. Requests can be made dynamic through custom variables. Security and authentication are fully supported, as well as hypermedia and HTML forms. Restlet Client also let you inspect HTTP responses and easily validate them thanks to assertions.

  • Automate your APIs

    With Restlet Client, you can combine multiple API requests into API scenarios. Variables can be passed from one response to the next request, creating realistic scenarios that closely emulate real-life use of the API by a frontend or mobile application.

    Orchestrate APIs
  • Test API

    Test the behavior of any API

    Whether you want to check that your API is behaving as specified, or you need to confirm how a third-party API is responding to certain requests, Restlet Client lets you perform any type of API testing, using variables as input, defining references between requests and responses, and comparing responses to their history.

  • Collaborate over API testing

    Restlet Client runs fully inside Chrome browsers. It lets you store your API projects in the cloud and open them from anywhere. You can also share projects with other members of your team and collaborate over API testing, for example having QA testers define scenarios and developers bind them to actual APIs.

    Collaborate API testing
  • API

    Integrate API testing to your CI/CD toolchain

    Because you need your API testing to be part of your complete software delivery process, Restlet Client integrates natively with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions like Jenkins or Travis CI. Thanks to Restlet Client Maven plugin, up-to-date test scenarios are always included in the toolchain, ensuring complete coverage of the tests.

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