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Restlet Cloud

Create, deploy and run APIs without writing code.

  • Expose Data

    Expose data and files as an API in a few clicks

    Based on local or remote data and file stores, you can create your own API in a record time. Restlet Cloud natively connects to MySQL, Google Sheets, Amazon S3 and GitHub repositories. In addition, you can create local data stores and file stores fully hosted and managed by Restlet.

  • Host APIs on a proven, scalable platform

    Any API created with Restlet Cloud can be hosted inside the platform - not only the API itself but also (at your discretion) its underlying data stores, ensuring best performances as the data lives close to the API endpoints.

    Host APIs
  • Collaborate

    Secure access to your APIs

    Restlet Cloud manages users, permissions and access rights for all your web APIs. Access rights are granted based on roles, with a deep level of granularity, letting you define precisely who can request and/or update the data you expose, who can run the business processes you provide.

  • Optimize performance of your APIs

    Hosted inside or outside of Restlet Cloud, all your web APIs can benefit from Restlet Cloud’s caching infrastructure, which radically reduces latency for access to slow external data stores or remote APIs. It also supports custom caching durations.

  • API

    Analyze API Usage

    Restlet Cloud includes a built-in analytics portal that reports on key metrics such as API traffic, users, geographical origin, type of requests, response times, success/error codes, and more. Extensive drill-down capabilities are provided, letting you access detailed logs of calls and errors and to diagnose problems encountered by your API consumers and client applications.

API-First Success Made Easy

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Canal Plus

With Restlet Cloud, Canal+ Overseas adopts an API-first approach for MyCanal mobile app


Restlet Cloud shortens the time-to-market for investment research