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Forget about mastering Swagger or RAML syntax. Visually create your API contracts instead, automatically document them, generate server skeletons and client SDKs.

  • Contract

    Define your API contract visually

    Through the design view of Restlet Studio, you visually edit every aspect of your RESTful API contract: endpoints, resources, operations and representations - and also easily document them in Markdown. Several variants of a representation can be expressed to support content negotiation between varied media types such as JSON, YAML or XML.

  • Generate and host your API reference documentation

    Restlet Studio automatically generates API reference documentation in a second for you. You can easily document an existing API by importing Swagger or RAML definitions or you can simply start from a scratch by crafting your API definitions manually. API reference documentation can be downloaded or hosted on our servers.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with your team on API contracts

    Restlet Studio runs fully inside any modern web browser. It lets you store your API projects in the cloud and open them from anywhere. You can also share projects with other members of your team and collaborate over API contract, for example agreeing on a contract with API consumers before implementation begins.

  • Generate server skeletons and client SDKs

    Once the API contract is complete, you can bootstrap your API implementation by generating server skeletons for major development stacks such as Java or Node.js. As the key to success for an API is convenience for its consumers, Restlet Studio generates for you client SDKs optimized for major mobile and web front end development environments.

  • API

    Translate between API languages

    Not only don't you need to decide between Swagger and RAML to get started with your API contract, but you can switch back and forth at any time. With Restlet Studio, API crafting is done visually through an intuitive UI. Swagger and RAML sources are automatically synchronized and can be imported and exported in one click, and existing API contracts can be translated between languages and multiple versions of those.

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