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Restlet platform offers simple, all-inclusive plans that scale with your projects and your team size. You can try ANY plan for Free for 14 days! Start your free trial today!

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Frequently asked questions

Which modules are included?

Restlet’s API-First platform is composed of various modules. You pay for the platform and you get an access to all modules within of your plan. The current modules are: Restlet Client, Restlet Studio, and Restlet Cloud.

What is the "Projects" limit?

This is a limit on the number of API projects that applies only to Restlet Studio and Restlet Cloud. Currently, we don’t limit the number of API projects in Restlet Client.

What is the 'Daily API calls' limit?

This applies only to Restlet Cloud and limit the number of API calls that your REST APIs can receive in one day. Don’t worry, if you go over your limit, we won’t block the traffic but will eventually ask you to adjust your plan.

What is the 'Data stored' limit?

This applies only to Restlet Cloud. It limits the total amount of data that you can store in Restlet infrastructure, either dynamic data in local Entity Stores or static files in local File Stores. This limit doesn’t apply to external data stores.

How do I choose the right plan?

If you're learning about REST APIs or just experimenting with our product, then the Free plan should work for you. Whilst some advanced features are not accessible, you can at any time explore them by starting a free trial of the Team plan.

The Solo plan is the 'no brainer' option. At an extremely affordable $9, this is the obvious choice for many. The Solo plan will give you access to a vast array of features and allow you to really progress with your API projects.

The Team plan is the go to option for (you guessed it) teams. At an affordable $49, it allows DevOps teams to share API projects and collaborate with up to 5 team members. If working more efficiently with others is important to you, this is the way to go.

The Scale plan is for more intense usage of Restlet platform. This is a plan you can tailor to your actual or planned needs, making it efficient to scale from a pricing perspective.

If you have any questions regarding the plans, or simply need some guidance, please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help you out.