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API Design

The choice of API design needs to comply with expectations from developers.

The term API design refers to the process of developing a software interface that exposes backend data and application functionality for use in new applications. In that process, it is important to keep in mind that to deliver APIs structures, developers need to have at their disposal an API design tool which is be simple and complete, leverages clear semantics, is easy to memorize and produces readable code. When you are starting the API creation for your company, your customers are developers. Consequently, to drive them to use your REST API for their applications in the best way, you need to be considerate about your API design.

The 4 components which will make your API design one of the best:

  • API Documentation: it provides to consumers of APIs a technical description about how to use your RESTful API: how to call it on a website, in a mobile app, etc.
  • Stability and consistency: your API design needs to be stable to avoid that your users have to update or change their API structure every time you are making changes to your own backend logic.
  • Flexibility: it means a lot for developers to be able to choose the programming language they can use to create their data driven API.
  • API Security: to secure sensitive data and protect it from hijacking, it is recommended to verify you are developing your API using an API design tool that has been designed with safety in mind.

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