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API Documentation

What is API Documentation?

API documentation provides to consumers of APIs a technical description about how to use your RESTful API: how to call it on a website, in a mobile app, etc. Thereby, it requires a detailed introspection and analysis of the API contract in order to create content that is intelligible for developers who will use the web API.

Why does it matter to document APIs?

There are many reasons which explain why producing good quality API documentation is as important as developing the actual code for a

  • An accurate and up-to-date API documentation will considerably increase the probability of adoption for an API platform since it will provide a smoother experience for developers if the documentation is already at their disposal to be used.
  • It is one way to reduce the support activity and the number of errors since developers can now refer to the documentation in order to answer their questions.

Restlet as a tool for API Documentation.

Restlet is providing a large range of API documentation features, aiming at building scalable web APIs for developers. You are invited to check the various documentation offered at no-cost to document your self service APIs, and to understand how it can enhance your API design and API creation processes.

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