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API Management

The importance of knowing how to manage APIs.

To make it possible for your web API to become a scalable web APIs, a developer needs to understand that API management is a critical piece of the puzzle. This is why Restlet provides its own API management solution that you can leverage in multiple ways.

4 rules for API management.

Since the API market has started to rise in these past few years, the need for better practices related to API creation, API management or development has increased as well. Here are 4 key rules to follow to get API management to the next level:

  • API design: make your APIs accessible to different classes of developers and partners and develop security policies, usage policies, selective access to data and services.
  • document APIs: to make APIs accessible, provide documentation and communication tools to make it easy to create and manage applications built with the API.
  • Universal Access: provide seamless and simple support of the various architectures used by the enterprise, whether public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, or an hybrid combination of several of these.
  • Uptime: high uptime, easy scalability, and cache that handles traffic spikes, works around temporary failures in the enterprise backend, and offers failover in the event of a backend outage.

Eventually, deploying top-notch API management is critical and will give you the opportunity to create an efficient API system for your company.

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