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API Permissions

Definition of API permissions.

When you are granting API permissions to someone, you are essentially giving access to third-party specific information and business logic.

The risk of not controlling your API permissions.

Any company should be aware of the importance of having a great API security system turned on, since that if there’s not, anybody can have access to the private information provided by a web API without asking any API permissions to the owner.

Therefore, in order to protect private data, it significantly matters to know how to manage APIs to make access to your REST API entirely secure. Restlet’s API PaaS guarantees that you will be at the cutting edge of security technology and have full control over API permissions.

The purpose of using API permissions.

As soon as your company has built its own API structure, this API can be regularly called by your customers. If you don’t control closely your API permissions, private information may be leaked. That is why your company needs to be aware of all the API tools at your disposal, in order to protect all data in the best way possible

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