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API Platform

What is an API platform?

An API platform is a software platform through which developers - and non-developers as well - login and use a large range of API tools to deliver APIs in order to organize access to data and business processes, and to also enable web applications to interact with other applications. Furthermore, working with an API PaaS, which means using an API platform, to create a data driven API, will give access to critical resources to manage, store and retrieve data through a REST API.

Restlet’s API platform offers significant advantages.

Among others, here are some reasons why the use of an API platform in the API creation process can clearly help you to make your business easier to manage.

  • Developers can have access to the specific API SDK they need - no need to create every API artifact from scratch anymore.
  • An API platform enables the implementation of a fast and reliable integration.
  • It provides a large range of API documentation features, aiming at making it easier for developers to deliver APIs.

API platform as a new approach to development.

While APISpark gives you valuable assets to create APIs, it also makes your business more agile by providing access to data via a cloud-based API platform, that provides simple access. Simply put, working on an API platform has never been more accessible for anyone and is making developers’ work easier.

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