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What is an API SDK?

API SDK is the abbreviation for Software Development Kit which is an assortment of code snippets that enable developers to deliver APIs and to apply this code to your API creation for certain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, mobile device, video game console, operating system, or similar development platform.

Differences between a web API and API SDK.

Simply put, an API is an interface. It's like the specification of the telephone system or the electrical wiring in a house. Anything can use it as long as it knows how to interface. You can even buy software that uses a particular API, just as you can buy a telephone equipment or devices that plug into the AC wiring in your house.Then, an API SDK is an implementation tool. It's like a kit that allows you to deliver something custom to hook up to the telephone system or electrical wiring. Restlet does have the API SDK feature that developers can use to deliver a data driven API with APISpark, Restlet’s API platform.

The purpose of using an API SDK.

Using an API SDK as a tool to develop a RESTful API makes you save time since an API SDK gives you access to a set of code snippets allowing you to integrate it to your API. Restlet’s APISpark provides features for self service APIs and lets developers choose whether or not they want to create their API from scratch or help themselves with code already created to make their tasks easier.

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