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API Security

What is API security?

The term API security is broad and can convey multiple meanings and definitions. Its first significance is usually related to authentication and encryption. More widely, API security is the definition of hosting a large range of concepts that all require specific skills and approaches. Here are the key elements of API security:

  • Authentication: identify the user and its API permissions
  • Authorization: ensure that the user has access to modify and/or correct
  • Encryption: hide information from users who don’t have access

Why is it important to protect your web API?

To secure your personal data and protect it from hijacking, it is recommended to verify you are developing your REST API using an API design tool that has been designed with API security in mind. With APISpark, developers can publish APIs without any risk to spread personal data since Restlet’s API platform features an advanced API security system. In order to protect company’s data, it is highly suggested to confirm that the API PaaS you plan to use for development is the best out there! Restlet is dealing with API security with all the concern needed to make your API creation in the best conditions.

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