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Data Driven API

What is a data driven API?

There are a few differences between a regular web API and a data driven API. The first one allows an external system to interact with another given system while the second one provides direct access to data rather than defining a specific business process or sequence.

Benefits and issues of a data driven API.

These benefits and issues might vary between implementations but there is still a contrast while using this kind of scalable web APIs. A data driven API simply requires the knowledge of data types of the variables it is working with. Features and interfaces can be used on all objects with the same data field, for example the object’s ’position’. Data can be grouped into objects or entities according to preferences. While data driven API design prevents coupling of data and functionalities, it has been argued to lead to a flawed API creation, especially when dealing with more abstract data. This is because a purely data driven API is defined by the way it is represented. Any attempt to change the structure of this RESTful API would immediately break the functions that rely on it.

Data driven API or classic web API?

Restlet guarantee to provide the best API management that will match your attempts to success into your project! The team will be here to assist you when designing a data driven API or simply if you need more informations about it.

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