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Deliver APIs

It has never been simpler to deliver APIs.

Demand for scalable web APIs activity is soaring up. Now, it’s easy not only for developers but also for business users to deliver APIs on their own. And indeed, since many businesses, apps or developers only started to deal with this new technology for the past few years, they need new ways of learning how to use and deliver APIs. At the end, anybody can deliver a RESTful API himself and with a good API management platform, they will be able to handle API security, to manage API documentation, etc.

Restlet as a platform to deliver APIs from scratch.

Restlet’s APISpark is an API platform in which anyone can sign up and start to deliver APIs for their app, website or company. Whether you are a REST API beginner or are already API-savvy, Restlet’s team will assist you during your project if you encounter any trouble along your API creation. More than the help Restlet can provide, APISpark also gives you free access to many tutorials and downloadable user guides in order to make easier the use of APISpark and its API tools.

How to deliver APIs?

As stated above, Restlet offers a dedicated platform which can help you in your API creation, but to generate a great API, you need to follow some rules which include:

  • Produce a valuable service.
  • Have a business model.
  • Deliver APIs in a simple and flexible way.
  • Be able to manage APIs easily.
  • Implement an excellent developer support.

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