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Manage APIs

API management as a tool to build scalable web APIs.

During the API creation process, there are several API tools which can be used in order to make a web API the most efficient for your project. One of these is to manage APIs, which includes techniques for publishing, promoting and overseeing APIs in a secure and scalable environment. When a developer wants to manage APIs, they are getting additional tools that your business needs for API creation, such as features ranging from provisioning user roles, creating usage plans and quotas, applying policies for transforming payloads, throttling, analytics, monitoring and alerts.

Main functions to manage APIs.

  • Automate and control interactions between an API and the applications that use it.
  • Ensure flexibility between multiple API implementations and versions.
  • Monitor traffic from individual apps.
  • Provide memory management to improve application performance.
  • API security system to prevent from misuse by wrapping it with safety procedures and policies.

Manage APIs with Restlet’s API platform.

APISpark, which is part of Restlet’s platform to create your own APIs, provides to any developer full access to a wealth of API tools, including the capability to manage APIs in order to build the best API strategy for the needs of your company.

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