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Publish APIs

What does it mean to publish APIs?

When a developer is in the midst of API design, several steps are important. There are two types of use cases that highlight what it means to publish APIs:

  • When deploying an API that has been built, but is still considered as a draft version, thanks to the features of the API PaaS;
  • When an API, already in the crafting stage, is ready to go live then APISpark allows to publish APIs, which means that the data driven API or other API is in a stable state, ready to be exposed to its consumers.

Reasons to publish APIs.

First, if you are working on a self service APIs platform you should know that to scale your current project, it is essential to publish APIs in order to make them ready to use for potential customers. If you don’t publish APIs, you are sending a signal that youíre still working on your API and it is not in a stable state yet. However, as soon as you publish APIs, it means that your project becomes usable for anybody who has the proper API permissions, assuming of course the right approach to document APIs has been undertaken.

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