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Test APIs

Test APIs: Overview

API testing is a part of the API lifecycle you need to go through to make sure your web API is working as expected, according to the API design. It also ensures that your API is ready to go live and to provide what an API consumer needs. It is highly recommended to test APIs when you are done with your API creation or want to test what the work you have done with your API editor. The API tool used to test APIs determines whether or not a RESTful API meets the expectations for API security, functionality, reliability and performance.

Why is it so important to test APIs?

Whether you deliver APIs from scratch or edit APIs that already exist, one of the most important actions you need to do before going live is to test APIs. Developers also like to try out API, an essential step to ensure that APIs have been designed and crafted the right way to allow anyone to access it and leverage it properly. When you test APIs, the request you sent returns a HTTP status code. This code indicates failures and unexpected inputs, shows whether the API is delivering responses in an acceptable amount of time, or is responding securely to potential security attacks.

How to test APIs with Restlet?

Restlet’s platform is composed of three products. One of those products, DHC by Restlet, allows anyone to test APIs. It is a multi-function API tool, also used for try out API, that helps anyone to call APIs to discover and validate their behavior, build and run complete test scenarios. API testing is a significant phase anyone working with REST API should go through before going live with a web API. That is why, at Restlet, we proudly bring to you a set of tools which will save you time and help you guarantee the quality of all your APIs.

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