Class WritableRepresentation

  extended by org.restlet.representation.Variant
      extended by org.restlet.representation.RepresentationInfo
          extended by org.restlet.representation.Representation
              extended by org.restlet.representation.ChannelRepresentation
                  extended by org.restlet.representation.WritableRepresentation

public abstract class WritableRepresentation
extends ChannelRepresentation

Representation based on a writable NIO byte channel. This class is a good basis to write your own representations, especially for the dynamic and large ones.

For this you just need to create a subclass and override the abstract Representation.write(WritableByteChannel) method. This method will later be called back by the connectors when the actual representation's content is needed.

Jerome Louvel

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
WritableRepresentation(MediaType mediaType)
Method Summary
 ReadableByteChannel getChannel()
          Returns a channel with the representation's content.
 void release()
          Calls parent's implementation.
abstract  void write(WritableByteChannel writableChannel)
          Writes the representation to a byte channel.
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Constructor Detail


public WritableRepresentation(MediaType mediaType)

mediaType - The representation's media type.
Method Detail


public ReadableByteChannel getChannel()
                               throws IOException
Description copied from class: Representation
Returns a channel with the representation's content.
If it is supported by a file, a read-only instance of FileChannel is returned.
This method is ensured to return a fresh channel for each invocation unless it is a transient representation, in which case null is returned.

Specified by:
getChannel in class Representation
A channel with the representation's content.


public void release()
Calls parent's implementation.

release in class Representation


public abstract void write(WritableByteChannel writableChannel)
                    throws IOException
Description copied from class: Representation
Writes the representation to a byte channel. This method is ensured to write the full content for each invocation unless it is a transient representation, in which case an exception is thrown.

Specified by:
write in class Representation
writableChannel - A writable byte channel.

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