Class HttpServerHelper

  extended by org.restlet.engine.Helper
      extended by org.restlet.engine.RestletHelper<T>
          extended by org.restlet.engine.ConnectorHelper<Server>
              extended by org.restlet.engine.ServerHelper
                  extended by org.restlet.engine.http.HttpServerHelper
                      extended by org.restlet.ext.jetty.JettyServerHelper
                          extended by org.restlet.ext.jetty.HttpServerHelper

public class HttpServerHelper
extends JettyServerHelper

Jetty HTTP server connector. Here is the list of additional parameters that are supported. They should be set in the Server's context before it is started:

Parameter name Value type Default value Description
type int 1 The type of Jetty connector to use.
1 : Selecting NIO connector (Jetty's SelectChannelConnector class).
2 : Blocking NIO connector (Jetty's BlockingChannelConnector class).
3 : Blocking BIO connector (Jetty's SocketConnector class).

Jerome Louvel
See Also:
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Constructor Summary
HttpServerHelper(Server server)
Method Summary
protected  AbstractConnector createConnector()
          Creates a new internal Jetty connector.
 int getType()
          Returns the type of Jetty connector to use.
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Constructor Detail


public HttpServerHelper(Server server)

server - The server to help.
Method Detail


protected AbstractConnector createConnector()
Creates a new internal Jetty connector.

Specified by:
createConnector in class JettyServerHelper
A new internal Jetty connector.


public int getType()
Returns the type of Jetty connector to use.

The type of Jetty connector to use.

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